“Alicia completed this assignment on time, her reports were of the highest quality, and her technical findings of great interest to FINCA staff, external consultants, and the Agency for International Development (USAID). Among the some 300 highly talented individuals I have personally supervised over the last two decades, I would rate Alicia among the top five.”

John Hatch, Founder, FINCA International

"Rather than the typical client/vendor relationship that I am used to, Greater Good Giving has been more like a strategic partner and trusted advisor.  Not only did they provide our organization with an impactful fundraising plan but they have given me invaluable advice and feedback along the way. Through grant writing, board development and major donor support, they have helped us raise hundreds of thousands of dollars.  They have consistently exceeded our expectations.”

Angela Jackson, Executive Director, The Global Language Project

"As a social entrepreneur committed to serving the nonprofit community, Alicia deeply understands the funding barriers that exist for organizations with charitable missions and the innovative, out- of- the- box approaches needed to secure funding and cultivate these ventures. After identifying the unique needs of our cooperative, she designed an unorthodox plan to ensure achievement of our organizational development and fundraising goals. Greater Good Giving honors and connects to the soul of an organization."

Gillian Allen, President, Jersey City Food Co-op

“Alicia had a profound impact on El Museo during her tenure here – she was the architect of a revitalized membership program and the specific reason that many donors chose to support this institution.” 

Matthew Bregman, Director of Development, El Museo del Barrio

"Alicia delivered real world information and knowledge on philanthropy while peppering her lecture with entertaining antidotes of what it was like to work in the field. Her solid expertise was presented in an engaging fashion and the audience learned while laughing. Alicia is clearly experienced, genuine and passionate-- a winning combination in fundraising."

Mona Shomali, Instructor, New School University

Government of the Dominican Republic.

Unlocking Capital for Social Change

I established Greater Good Giving in 2009 to help the visionary leaders of world-changing organizations gain the financial resources, skills and networks needed to thrive. I support my clients by delving into my 15 year journey as a nonprofit professional, microfinance practitioner, economic development researcher and leader within the impact investing community both nationally and internationally.

My consulting firm focuses on capacity building, fundraising, technical assistance and advisory  and coaching services to individuals and organizations looking to advance the greater good and help revitalize communities. My clients include nonprofit organizations, social entrepreneurs, small business owners, foundations and impact investors. Since 2001 I have helped dozens of organizations find the resources and partnerships needed to launch and scale their programs and businesses. I have worked with organizations including the United Nations, The Government of the Dominican Republic, USAID, NYU School of Medicine, FINCA International, Shared Interest, Rising Tide Capital and Rockefeller University. I have also worked with small and micro businesses throughout the United States, Africa and Latin America. My passion is building equity and serving marginalized communities worldwide.